The Northgate Commerce Park is an industrial park in Suffolk, Virginia with excellent access to the Port of Virginia. Northgate Commerce Lot H is a roughly 30 acre parcel that was developed by ARCO Design Build for industrial/warehouse use.

Steel Reinforced Polyethylene Pipe was selected as the drainage pipe for Northgate Lot H. Although Reinforced Concrete Pipe is the traditional choice for stormwater conveyance, more contractors and engineers are making the switch to SRPE for four critical reasons.

SRPE is manufactured in 20-foot lengths compared to typical 8-foot RCP sections. Longer pipes allow contractors to install more linear feet in a shorter amount of time.
SRPE pipe is lightweight and easy to install.
RCP production lead times have been severely impacted by supply chain disruptions. When it was time to install the drainage pipe at Northgate the lead time for RCP was still several months, while SRPE was ready to ship to site.
SRPE pipe requires less backfill than both RCP and HDPE Pipe which reduces associated construction costs.

Critical Materials Supplied

Linear Feet of SRPE
Truckloads of SRPE Pipe Delivered to Site
Linear Feet of
400EO Silt Fence

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