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Grass Fertilizer, Lime and Herbicides for Turf Management

Turf and ornamental products improve turf health on lawns, golf courses, new construction sites and commercial developments. These professional turf products add nutrients to the soil, adjust the soil’s pH, kill weeds and prevent disease. Our turf and ornamental products include grass fertilizer, lime, herbicides and other lawn care chemicals.

Seed Spreader

Grass Fertilizer

Fertilizer is essential for grass to thrive and survive. Grass fertilizer contains varied ratios of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K). These nutrients supplement the soil, encourage root growth, promote green color, improve nutrient intake and protect against disease.

Types of Grass Fertilizer

10-10-10 Fertilizer

Contractor Grade

Base Fertilizer

15-20-10 Fetilizer

Contractor Grade

Starter Fertilizer

10-20-10 Fertilizer

Contractor Grade

Starter Fertilizer

15-30-15 Fertilizer

Contractor Grade

For Hydroseeding and Maintenance

16-0-8 Fertilizer

Landscape Grade

Ornamental Fertilizer

Custom Blends

Ask us about custom blends to meet site specific requirements.

Applying Fertilizer

Apply pelletized fertilizer with a spreader for even distribution. Follow local regulations and soil test results for application rates.  After applying the grass fertilizer, water the area thoroughly.


Lime is applied to balance the soil’s pH, improve nutrient uptake and sustain grass growth. Grass seed needs healthy soil in order to germinate, grow and establish roots. If the soil is too acidic, grass won’t be able to thrive.

Lime balances the soil’s acidity which improves the seed ability to accept nutrients and germinate. Lime regulates alkalinity and controls hardness to achieve a conducive growing environment.

Pelletized Lime

This crushed and granulated lime is popular with contractors and landscapers alike. It spreads easily, dissolves readily and balances the soil’s pH. Apply Pelletized Lime to residential lawns, construction sites, ball parks and fairways.

Available in 40lb and 50lb bags

Liquid Lime

Liquid Lime is a no fuss, no dust easy to apply Lime that dissolves on contact. This fast-acting formula is ideal for hydroseeding and mixes readily with seed, fertilizer and hydromulch.

Available in 2.5 Gallon Jug

Dry NeutraLime™

This dry limestone neutralizes acidic soil within 3-7 days. This formula is more concentrated than pelletized lime which means it works faster.

Available in 40lb bag

Pulverized Lime

Pulverized Lime is a crushed and ground dry limestone. This fine mixture spreads easily to control alkalinity on both commercial construction projects and residential landscapes.

Available in 50lb bag

How to Apply Lime

Lime can be applied with by hand or hydraulically. Typically, pelletized lime, pulverized lime and Dry NeutraLime are applied with a hand spreader. Liquid Lime is ideal for hydroseeding which means it will be added to the hydroseeder and spread hydraulically.

Application rates vary by product and by site. For best results, conduct a soil test to find the soil’s pH then apply according to manufacturer recommendations.

Lawn Care Chemicals

Turf and ornamental products improve overall turf health and fertility. Lawn care chemicals like herbicides, pre-emergents and broadleaf control products help to prevent and control diseases.

CIVITAS WEEDfree Brand™ Concentrate

Broadleaf Control

CIVITAS WEEDfree is an effective selective herbicide with less active ingredients than competing weed control products. CIVITAS WEEDfree has a patented Microtechnology that effectively kills over 60 broadleaf weeds without harming your lawn. This fast-acting herbicide has a low odor formula and a white emulsion identifier so you know exactly where it was applied.

CIVITAS is ideal for weed control on golf courses, schools, parks and homes with pets and children.



QualiPro is a selective pre-emergent herbicide that controls broadleaf weeds and annual grasses. Apply QualiPro in landscape beds and lawns for ground maintenance.

Available in 50lb Bag

RoundUp QuikPro Dry


RoundUp is a professional grade herbicide for fast and effective weed control. This dry formula contains water-soluble granules that should be mixed with water before applying.

Use the included measuring cup for a precise measurement.

Each 6.8 gallon jug makes about 72 gallons of liquid herbicide.

Available in 6.8 Gallon Jug

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