Scott’s Addition Apartment Complex

Construction of an urban apartment complex included custom perimeter control solutions to maximize brand visibility.

Project Details

Sector: Residential

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Partners: Breeden Construction

Critical Products: Custom Fence Screen, Temporary Chain Link, Logo Silt Fence

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About the Apartment Complex

The Scout is 17,000 square foot apartment complex in Richmond’s Scott’s Addition neighborhood. The property features 218 units, a swimming pool, fitness studio and other luxury amenities. 

Custom Construction Fence for Residential Development

Scott’s Addition is a popular urban neighborhood in the Fan District that is filled with restaurants, breweries and other businesses. It was important to build a perimeter that would protect passersby from construction activity and keep trespassers out of the apartment construction site.

Perimeter control products included silt fence, chain link fence, custom fence screen and barricades. We customized all of the perimeter control solutions so that general contractor and developer could market themselves and the project.

Our installation division installed temporary chain link and Breeden Construction’s logo silt fence around the construction site’s perimeter.

Fully customized fence screen panels with company logos was added to the temporary chain link fence. White barricades with logos and custom wind screen panels were added to the construction entrance.

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