Cap for Virginia Beach Landfill No.2

Project Details

Sector: Government

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Project Partners: Erosion Control Services, LLC and Sargent Corporation

Critical Products: Erosion Control Blanket, Nonwoven Geotextile Fabric

About the Project

The Virginia Beach Landfill has been in operation since 1971 and receives nearly 200,00 visitors per year. The municipal landfill encompasses almost 104 acres and provides Virginia Beach citizens a place to safely dispose of household waste.

A Virginia General Assembly House Bill (HB 1205) required Phase 1 of the Virginia Beach Landfill to stop accepting waste by December 31, 2020. Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) permitted the final cap to be completed by December 2022.

Landfill Closure and Capping

The cap for the Virginia Beach Landfill No.2 covered approximately 60 acres on the south slope of the existing landfill. The scope of work included a final 20-acre permanent soil cap and a temporary 40-acre cap. The temporary cap allows the City of Virginia Beach to meet regulatory requirements for the Phase 1 cap while allowing the expansion of active cell Phase 2A.

More than 65,000 square yards of Single Net Straw rolled erosion control blanket was installed by Erosion Control Services, LLC. The Straw Blanket stabilized the landfill’s slopes for the permanent soil cap.

6,000 square yards of 8-ounce nonwoven geotextile fabric was installed under the geomembrane liner for the temporary cap. The nonwoven geotextile fabric and geomembrane liner creates a barrier between the landfill’s waste and the ground surface in order to prevent leaching of site contaminants into groundwater.

Sargent began capping the Virginia Beach Landfill No.2 in July 2022 and completed the project 10 months ahead of schedule in December 2022.

Sargent project recap video

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