Replacing a 60 Year Old Bridge in Virginia

This bridge replacement project includes a temporary bridge, approach stabilization, a new bridge and road alignment improvements.

Project Details

Sector: Heavy Civil

Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Owner: City of Virginia Beach

Partners: i+iconSOUTHEAST, Parkway Grading

Critical Products: Turbidity Curtain, Bi-Axial Geogrid, Nonwoven Geotextile Fabric

Read More: City of Virginia Beach Project Status Report

About the Sandbridge Bridge Replacement Project

Sandbridge Road is the only public access route in and out of Sandbridge, a coastal community in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Sandbridge has developed considerably in recent years which has resulted in increased traffic and construction. Consequently, the Hell’s Point Creek bridge that was built in 1961 deteriorated to the point of concern.

The City of Virginia Beach approved a three-phase bridge reconstruction project that included demolishing the previous bridge, construction of a temporary bridge, construction of road approaches and a new two-lane bridge. The temporary bridge provided the community continuous access throughout construction.

Temporary Bridge Construction

Before the temporary bridge construction began, a Type III Impervious Turbidity Curtain was installed in the waterway. The Turbidity Curtain controlled sediment that might flow into Hell’s Point Creek from the construction site.

After clearing the marsh of trees and stumps, the area was filled in with structural fill. The fill was followed with layers of nonwoven geotextile fabric, bi-axial geogrid and stone.

These layers, also known as lifts, stabilized the approach roadways for the temporary bridge.

The nonwoven geotextile fabric is a drainage layer that separates the course aggregates, promotes positive drainage and prevents stones from falling through the geogrid’s apertures. The geogrid stabilizes the subgrade by spreading the load across the entire plane.

Once the bridge approach roadways were stabilized and capable of bearing the weight of heavy machinery, temporary bridge construction began.

The temporary bridge was completed in early 2020 and the new bridge opened in October 2020. The temporary bridge was removed during the final phase of construction which began in December 2020.

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