Colonial Construction Materials | Turbidity Curtains
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Turbidity Curtains

Colonial Construction Materials’ turbidity curtains are an in-water barrier for retaining and stopping the migration of silt into open water systems around shoreline or marine construction. Turbidity curtains can be thought of as silt fence for water.

All of Colonial’s turbidity curtains are made to order and are manufactured to meet each site’s needs for turbidity restraint and design compliance.

All curtains are available in pervious (geotextile fabric) or impervious (pvc coated) in various sizes and strengths. The most common skirt length is 3LF. However, we can also produce curtains with skirts up to 100LF. Sections most typically are produced in 50LF or 100LF increments.

All available curtains meet DOT requirements

Colonial can also provide oil containment booms and accessories for spills and marine clean up projects.


Types of Curtains Available:

Type I or Calm Water : Should be used in protected areas where there is no current and the area is sheltered from wind and waves.

Type II or Fast Water : Should be used in areas where there may be slow to moderate running current (up to 2 knots or 3.5 feet per second) and/or wind and wave action which can affect the curtain.

Type III or Rough Water : Should be used in areas where considerable current (up to 3 knots or 5 feet per second) may be present, where tidal action may be present, and/or where the curtain is potentially subject to wind and wave action.