Colonial Construction Materials | Seed
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Colonial Construction Materials provides the highest quality of blended seeds, designed for rapid growth and erosion prevention. We distribute the required seed for construction sites, sports turf, golf courses, and high-end residential developments. We can also special blend any mix to meet the growing needs and challenges of all situations.  Colonial carries all VDOT Green Tag seed and Blue Tag certified seed.


Commonly Stocked Seed Varieties

Contractor’s Blend
Specifically formulated to meet each region’s specification and changed seasonally for successful germination. Speciality varieties with coatings also available.

Available in several varieties including K-31, Turf Type Tall Fescue, Three Way Fescue, and Quad-Fescue. Speciality varieties with coatings changed seasonally.

Several varieties available including German and Brown Top Millet.

Available both hulled and unhulled. Also available as premium or contractor grade varieties

Shade Mixes
Specifically formulated for successful germination in applications with little to no sunlight

Wetland Mixes
Specifically designed for wetland protection and rehabilitation. Region specific mixes are available.

Available varieties include Annual, Perennial, and Cereal (Winter Rye).

Coated and Specialty Seed:

EZ-Quad Fescue 

EZ Quad-Fescue contains Water Saver Pro Technology. This coating allows seed to hold up to 400x its weight in water. With increased access to water, seedlings have a higher survivability rate. Water Saver Pro also means less water required per watering, thus less wasted water.

Yellow Jacket Seed Coating

This enhanced seed coating holds water and nutrients around the seedling throughout germination. More access to water and nutrients also increases the overall quality of turf.  Yellow Jacket also contains Apron XL, a fungicide to prevent diseases like Pythium and Phytophthora. Awaken ST is the zinc ammonium acetate miconutrient package.

Contractor’s Blend Seed with Penkote Technology

This seed blend is available starting September 2017. This mixture contains 70% Fescue and 30% Rye. The seed is additionally coated in Pennington’s patented Penkote Technology. This seal surrounds the seedling in Apron XL, a fungicide and growth stimulant, which aids seedling development and growth.

Fall/Winter Contractor’s Blend Seed

The 2017 Fall/Winter Contractor’s Blend contains 50% Fescue and 50% Rye. The 50/50 blend is ideal for the variable weather in a Mid-Atlantic Fall. Fescue seedlings will grow to develop long roots that can access water deep in the soil. Rye’s cold resistance means your grass with stay healthy and green despite colder temperatures.