Colonial Construction Materials | LINERS AND COMPOSITES
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Colonial offers a wide variety of liners including PVC, LLDPE, HDPE, and EPDM. Liners are used to contain and separate liquids and solids in the landfill industry, stormwater retention and detention systems, agricultural industries and many more sites. From the largest landfill to the smallest homeowner’s pond, we have the right liner for your site.

Colonial’s composites have become time proven solutions to many engineering problems for several decades. Composites are key¬†tools in the design phase of projects. They use common geotextiles such as extruded nets fabrics or organic materials. Geo-composites provide a drainage layer that allows large volumes of water to move in a small amount of space without failure or blockage. The use of organic materials such as nonwoven geotextiles or geo-composite clay liners have become a standard in lining ponds and BMPs when native clays are too permeable.

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