Colonial Construction Materials | Field Fence
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Field Fence

Colonial Construction Materials can provide a variety of field fences for your job site. Welded wire, hardware cloth, hog wire, chain link, and chicken wire are among the most common fences seen on job sites. Colonial stocks the following field fences in the sizes listed below.

Welded Wire: Used in many site applications such as tree protection, safety fence, silt fence reinforcement, and debris containment. Most commonly used in 14ga strength.

  • 36″ x 100′
  • 48″ x 100′
  • 60″ x 100′


Hardware Cloth: Applied to wrap inlets with a combination of stone to filter out sediment from stormwater runoff.

  • 24″ x 105′
  • 36″ x 105′
  • 48″ x 105′


Hog Wire: Used in high wash areas as a silt fence reinforcement. A heavy gauge wire provides sturdy support for silt fence in many applications.

  • 32″ x 330′
  • 48″ x 330′


Chicken Wire: Used for silt fence reinforcement or inlet protection.

  • 24″ x 100′
  • 36″ x 100′
  • 48″ x 100′