Colonial Construction Materials | Mats and Ground Transition
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Mats and Ground Transition

On any job site we must be concerned with preserving the structure of the transition zone where heavy equipment, machinery, and large volumes of people could compromise the natural structure. Transition mats, mud mats, and several other products are available to provide efficient transition during activities including utility work, landscaping, construction, gas and pipeline projects, concerts and festivals.


Alturnamats┬« are made out of recycled polyethylene and can be used in a number of different applications with variability in strength and traction. Alturnamats┬« can be produced with bold patterns to provide traction for equipment and machinery as well as “versa” patterns to provide traction for pedestrian traffic. Mats are available in a number of different sizes and shades dependent upon the desired weight capacity and natural structure below the mats. Alturnamats┬« are commonly used for concerts, utility work, and landscaping markets.

Wood Mats

Wood mats are one of the industries oldest forms of ground transition matting. Produced from hardwood and available in a variety of strengths and sizes, wood mats provide a reusable, strong, and natural matting for heavy equipment in the transition zone. Battle tested and reliable, these mats are commonly used on pipeline, large scale utility, and disaster relief projects.