Colonial Construction Materials | Landscape Fabrics
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Landscape Fabrics

Landscaping projects can require a number of different fabrics.

Mulch Bed Fabric/Weed Barrier

Mulch bed fabric can add greater longevity to your mulch beds. Mulch bed fabric is made of a thin needle punched non-woven material. These fabrics provide great flow capacity, UV resistance, and a barrier for vegetation in the aggregate below. Mulch bed fabrics are available in a number of different roll sizes and colors.

Nursery Fabric

Nursery fabric is one of the most versatile landscape fabrics. It is made of a woven slit film geotextile material that provides strength and protection with UV inhibitors. Nursery fabric is also referred to as “frost cover” or “ground cover.” Nursery fabric is available in a number of different roll sizes, strengths, and can be manufactured with marked lines for plantings.