Colonial Construction Materials | Seed & Hydro Mulch
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Seed & Hydro Mulch

Natural vegetative support is the best way to prevent erosion from occurring. Our line of seed and mulch is based on quality and diversity. Colonial provides mixes, custom blends and coatings with fast germination and rapid growth to prevent your project from suffering the consequences of erosion damage. We also stock DOT and Blue Tag certified products. Both Contractor’s Blend Seed and DOT Tagged Seed are carefully formulated to meet each region’s specific needs for climate and soil conditions.

Common applications for Colonial’s seed mixes include: slopes, channels, wetlands, stream beds, dune plantings, reclamation seeding, landfills, and many more.

Commonly Stocked Seed Varieties

Contractor’s Blend
Specifically formulated to meet each region’s specification and changed seasonally for successful germination. Also available with “EZ” nutrient coated seed.

Available in several varieties including K-31, Turf Type Tall Fescue, Three Way Fescue, and “EZ” nutrient coated blends.

Several varieties available including German and Brown Top Millet

Available both hulled and unhulled. Also available as premium or contractor grade varieties

Shade Mixes
Specifically formulated for successful germination in applications with little to no sunlight

Smart, “EZ” and Coated Seed
Coatings can provide customized nutrient and water preserving packages that release valuable nutrients and provide quick germination and establishment for young seedlings. Coatings are changed seasonally and can be applied to various seed types including fescue and contractor’s blend.


Hydraulic Mulch

Hydraulic mulch is available in a number of different blends depending on the specific application’s needs. Cellulose, or paper mulch, is one of the most common hydromulches. However, Colonial also provides wood mulch, straw mulch, and cellulose/wood mulch. Specialty mulches such as Flexterra® and Covergrow™ are ideal for areas that need greater erosion prevention such as steep slopes and hard to reach areas.

Additives such as wetting agents, humic agents, bio-stimulants, and root additives are available for specific project needs.

Mulch Types (50LB Bales)

100% Cellulose (Paper Mulch)
Support for flat to moderately steep slopes

50/50 Cellulose/Wood Blend
Support for flat to steep slopes

100% Wood
Support for moderately steep slopes with moderate erosion

Flexterra® HP-FGM™
Support for steep slopes with extended erosion and germination support in less favorable conditions and dormant times. Flexterra® and similar products can be applied in lieu of erosion blankets in some applications.

Pro Matrix™ EFM
Provides lowest ratio of water to product. Provides highest loading product in the industry with 60 pounds per 100 gallons of water compared to most common 50 pounds per 100 gallons. More product in the tank provides less tanks per job.

Provides granular option for jet spray machines or broadcast applications. This mulch offers faster loading and easier spraying for certain machines, as well as better ground coverage for dry hydroseeding applications.